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Pontedera Logistics Building 2

Brand-new logistics park in Pontedera (PI)

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Pontedera Logistics

A new, highly flexible and customisable logistics park

Pontedera Logistics is a new, flexible logistics park consisting of this building and Building 1, each divisible into two modules. Designed in compliance with the highest construction standards, it fulfills the need of any potential tenant looking for Grade A space in the area.

Located within the Tuscany region, in a consolidated logistics micro-area, the Pontedera Logistics complex sits in a strategic position in terms of traffic of goods and people in Central and Northern Italy. This position is well connected to one of the most important arterial roads of the Tuscany road system, the Strada di grande comunicazione Florence-Pisa-Livorno (SGC Fi-Pi-Li).

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Where to find us

Pontedera (PI)

GPS coordinates:
43°37'06.0"N 10°36'12.7"E

Nearby Locations

  • Firenze-Pisa-Livorno toll-free highway 3 km | 5'
  • Motorway (Firenze-Scandicci toll station) 59 km | 43'
  • Motorway (Collesalvetti toll station) 19 km | 19'
  • Pisa International Airport 23 km | 18'
  • Livorno sea port 32 km | 25'
  • Florence, city centre 65 km | 50'
  • Gas station 1.5 km | 2'
Pontedera Logistics - Building 1

Technical specifications

  • Under construction in line with the highest international standards and LEED Gold
    certification requirements
  • Expected delivery date: Q4 2024
  • Total gross leasable area: 21,600 m2
  • Highest degree of flexibility: the building can be divided into 2 flexible modules

The building is part of a complex that also includes Building 1. In total, the logistics park offers 52 loading bays, 230 private car parking spaces and 30 private truck parking spaces, 4 charging rooms, an electrical sub station with MV/LV conversion room, 296 private bike/motorbike spaces, office heating/air conditioning and LED lighting.

Total gross leasable area

The building will accomodate a total of leasable area of 21,600 m2.

Average internal height under beam

The entire building provides an average vertical allowance of 12 m.


The complex is being built in compliance with the LEED Gold certification requirements

Technical specifications

Total gross leasable area 21,600 m2
Internal height under beam 12 m
Structural grid 21.53 x 16.96
Prefab structure REI 120
Floor load-bearing capacity 5 t/m2
Fire prevention system NFPA13, NFPA25 sprinkler
Number of loading bays 20
Loading bay/surface ratio 1/1,000 m2
Accesses - Loading bays With hydraulic platforms
Total private car/bike/truck parking spaces 112/148/20
Office and service areas Equipped with heating/air conditioning sistems
warehouses map Mod-D3 Mod-D4
At a glance

Leasable areas

Loading Bays Surface - m2
Module D3 10 10,800
Module D4 10 10,800

Cromwell Property Group in Europe

A real estate investor and fund manager with operations on three continents and a global investor base.
Cromwell acts as fund manager and on behalf of the fund named “CIVALF 2”.

3.9 billion of euros
210+ people
1600+ tenant customers
150+ properties
11 countries
14 offices
Light Industrial

Module D3

  total leasable
Warehouse m2 9,900 9,900
Offices m2 600 600
Charging rooms m2 300 300
Total m2 10,800 10,800
N. of loading bays 10 10

Module D4

  total leasable
Warehouse m2 9,900 9,900
Offices m2 600 600
Charging rooms m2 300 300
Total m2 10,800 10,800
N. of loading bays 10 10